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Company History: The Company has been successfully positioned on the Market since 1982 and has been one of the leading cross-regional Manufacturers of innovative personal Care Products ever since. The Company is one of the Top 40 German Producers.

Location: North Rhine-Westphalia.

Business Activities: The nourishing Cosmetics such as Creams and Shampoos are manufactured, bottled, packaged and assembled in the Company. Various Patents and Designs (D/Eu) are available.

Employees: About 65 Employees.

For sale: 100% of the Share Deal.

Buyer Target Group-Buyer's Credit:
Strategic Buyer or Mbi candidate from the Industry.
The managing partners will be available as consultants for a Time to be determined After the Sale.

Important Financial Data: The Company will generate Sales of approximately 7.0 Million Euros in .

Industry & Production
33 /  Flag Germany
on behalf
50 to 100 employees
5 to 10 Mio. Euro