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Business succession: Windpower Plant Service & Maintenance
Business participation: Cars
Business for sale: Digital printing
Business participation: Ecommerce
Business for sale: Fabric Design and Fabric Trading
Corporate Financing: Redevelopement
Business succession: Automation and control
Business for sale: Fashion store and online retail
Business succession: Construction company for interior design
Business succession: Property management
Business participation: Remediation of contaminated sites
Business participation: Gate & fence construction, extension terraces, roofs
Business for sale: Carpentry/carpentry
Business succession: Street food, food trucks, event catering, mobile catering
Business for sale: Full Service Advertising Agency
Business participation: Civil engineering, cable laying
Franchise / License: Consulting
Business for sale: Real estate
Business participation: Forwarding
Business for sale: Transportation company with 140 FTE and 90 trucks
Business participation: Online marketing
Business for sale: Brewery
Business participation: Delivery service of a special kind
Business for sale: Cardboard Production
Corporate Financing: Trade in dietary supplements
Business participation: Gastronomy
Business for sale: Single Portal
Corporate Financing: IT-Product Development Babies Toddlers
Business for sale: Bed shop
Business for sale: Metalworking
Business succession: Building cleaning / property management
Business succession: Driving School
Business cooperation: Online application for property management
Business for sale: IT Companies
Business participation: Advertising space marketing, service provider platform, Internetp
Business for sale: Personnel services/temporary work
Business for sale: Social Media Service Shops
Shell company: GmbH coat
Business for sale: Lingerie Erotic Shop
Business for sale: Building cleaning Office cleaning
Corporate Financing: Journalist
Business succession: Sales B2B
Business succession: Metal processing and mechanical engineering
Business succession: Plastics technology/adhesives/painting and similar
Business participation: Food
Business for sale: Welding technology
Business for sale: Travel agency
Business for sale: Hairdresser / Cosmetic Studio
Franchise / License: Café operation with roasting
Business for sale: Bus
Business participation: Camping equipment suppliers
Business for sale: Taxi
Business participation: Carrier
Business succession: Med. Foot Care/Podology
Business for sale: Biogas plant
Business for sale: Production of Precision Parts
Business for sale: Tuition
Business for sale: Brewery
Corporate Financing: Sports park / bicycle trade / bowling / trampoline / climbing hall
Commercial object: Parking garage
Business for sale: Metalworking
Business for sale: Spirit
Business cooperation: Magazine publisher
Business succession: Employee transfer temporary employment agencies
Business succession: Kitchen studio
Business for sale: Real estate
Business for sale: Logistics and personnel services
Business for sale: All services
Liquidation: Kitchen-to-kitchen wholesale
Business cooperation: Metalworking
Business participation: Specialty Publisher-Special Interest Verlag
Business succession: Dubbing Studio
Business participation: Megayacht charter
Business for sale: Automation operation
Business for sale: Building cleaning
Business succession: Channel remediation company
Business for sale: Online shop technical accessories
Business for sale: Upscale restaurant with regular customers
Business succession: Heating and Solarsystems
Business succession: Infrared heaters

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