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Business for sale: Trade Online
Business for sale: Outpatient repenting service for seniors
Business concept: Gastronomy
Business for sale: Accounting office
Business for sale: Bakery & Post Office
Business succession: Trailer production of GRP trailers
Business for sale: Online-Retail
Business for sale: Consulting
Business succession: Fashion sales
Liquidation: Shop & Flea Market
Business for sale: Onlineshop
Business for sale: Disposal specialist / container service
Business cooperation: Obuv Kfz Expert
Business participation: Trade or gastronomy
Business succession: Property management, service
Business succession: POS SOLUTIONS
Corporate Financing: Medical
Liquidation: Barber
Business participation: Digital securities trading
Business succession: Sports retail
Corporate Financing: Seed-Funding for ambiguous software Start-Up
Business succession: Manufacturing companies, construction
Business participation: Organic Food
Business cooperation: Graphic designer
Business succession: Electronic
Business for sale: Heating plumbing, swimming pool construction
Business succession: Caretaker service
Business succession: Ice cafe
Business for sale: Recruitment
Business participation: Gambling Hall / Slotmachines
Business for sale: Online shop for fashion
Business succession: Home and property management
Business succession: Service
Business for sale: Change tailoring
Invention / Innovation: RF Lab
Business participation: Insurance broker
Business succession: Control cabinet construction, automation
Corporate Financing: Roasted coffee trade
Business for sale: Campsite
Business cooperation: IT - Software Development
Business for sale: Non-food Catering tableware Rental
Business for sale: Certified private employment agency
Business participation: Civil engineering, cable laying
Business for sale: Printing
Corporate Financing: Real estate
Business succession: Channel remediation company
Corporate Financing: Real estate
Business for sale: Gastronomy
Business succession: Bookkeeping Office
Business for sale: Catering
Business for sale: Aircraft import company and manufacturer
Business participation: Retail
Business participation: Microliving
Business succession: Pet supplies
Business for sale: Cosmetics
Business participation: Export
Business for sale: Insurance broker
Business for sale: Real estate
Business succession: Online shop retail
Business succession: Carpenter
Business for sale: Promotional items, promotional materials, merchandise
Business participation: Export Wholesale Online
Business succession: Trade techn. Service Craft
Business for sale: Carrier
Business succession: Metalworking
Corporate Financing: Hydropower
Business cooperation: Hotel Resort
Business succession: Convenience Store
Business for sale: Tour operators
Business participation: Food
Business participation: Wholesale / Export / Online Trade
Business succession: Horticultural companies
Business for sale: Cardboard Production
Business for sale: Travel agency
Business for sale: Store bakery
Business for sale: Transport company forwarding company
Business succession: Locksmith and Metal Construction
Business succession: Plant and pipeline builder
Business succession: Sanitary heating
Business succession: Tour operator travel agency

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