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Business for sale: Kitchen studio
Business succession: Cafeteria
Business for sale: Brewery
Business for sale: Property management
Business succession: Forwarding
Business succession: Plant and pipeline builder
Business succession: Sales B2B
Business succession: Insurance broker, financial services
Corporate Finance / Capital: Engineering company for renewable energies
Business for sale: Change tailoring
Business succession: Leisure
Business for sale: Gastronomy
Business for sale: Trading Companies/Service Companies
Business participation: Carrier
Business participation: Production of trend drinks/shots
Business for sale: Stainless steel
Business succession: Outpatient care service
Business participation: IT companies
Business for sale: Online shop delivery and assembly home security elements
Business succession: Trading firm
Business succession: Online retail sports equipment
Business succession: Mini machines
Business succession: Transport, logistics, services
Business for sale: Accounting / Payroll
Business for sale: Restaurant with attached bistro coffee
Business for sale: Trade in regional specialities from Baden and the Palatinate
Business participation: Export
Corporate Finance / Capital: Organic products
Business for sale: Accounting
Business succession: Heating and Solarsystems
Business for sale: Liquor Brand
Corporate Finance / Capital: Sales trailer sales
Business participation: Digital securities trading
Corporate Finance / Capital: E-bike and bicycle trade
Business succession: Lubrication systems, electronics, cable and battery confection
Commercial object: Parking garage
Business participation: Food production
Business succession: Biolades
Business for sale: Retail / Online Shop
Business participation: Blockchain
Business for sale: Pharmacy
Business cooperation: Warehousing, Production, Trading
Business participation: Photovoltaik Energy
Commercial object: Commercial hall
Bild: Gewerbehalle
Corporate Finance / Capital: Farm
Business for sale: Travel agency
Business for sale: Car repair shop, car dealership, petrol station
Business succession: Watches and jewellery
Business succession: Language school, educational institution
Business for sale: Engineering Office
Corporate Finance / Capital: Cancer
Corporate Finance / Capital: Bank
Business succession: Refrigeration
Business for sale: Bakery
Business cooperation: Ingenieurb├╝ro
Business for sale: Restaurant/event company/hotel operation
Business for sale: Pedance Vehicles
Corporate Finance / Capital: Gastronomy Restaurant
Business for sale: Textile printing companies
Business participation: IT services
Corporate Finance / Capital: SB washing boxes with hall
Corporate Finance / Capital: Redevelopement
Business for sale: Travel Agency
Business for sale: Metallverarbeitung, Herstellung von Traktoren
Business succession: Packaging and shipping services, design and printing
Business for sale: Liquor brand
Business succession: Trade, crafts, production, gastronomy
Business for sale: PC Repair Service and System House
Liquidation: Online mail order
Business succession: Tiles Crafts
Business cooperation: Engineering Office
Business for sale: Security company
Business for sale: Data protection advice
Corporate Finance / Capital: Mechanical engineering for semiconductor technology
Business participation: Bauunternehmung
Business for sale: IT Companies
Business participation: IT service
Business participation: Destination Management Services
Business succession: Painter operation
Business for sale: Manufacture and installation of metalwork

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