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Salt grotto

Established family business in St ä dteregion Aachen is looking for successor/new operator

The many ä common, health-drifs ö rampant effects of salts has been known for centuries. They ä rare the immune system, alleviate manifold symptoms of the disease, such as the respiratory tract, and ö rattle the k ö rugged well-being. These inhalation sessions can be found in the therapy and relaxation environment.

The salt grotto is owner-capable ü works in the form of a classic GmbH and has developed a very good name ü the last almost 10 years far ü beyond the borders of the St ä dteregion.
The therapy room in addition to a small but fine salt shop convey a relaxed atmosphere ä re, the salt grotto itself is equipped with 12 relaxation loungers and a highly effective saline with medical brine rebilling. The customers inhale a saline air enriched with valuable minerals, consisting of e.g.

Leisure & Wellness
52 /  Flag Germany
in own name
to 10 employees
to 250 thousand Euro
25.000 €