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Offer Liquidation, Operating dissolution

Online mail order

Because of a fatality, I want to dissolve my business camp.
It is an online order business.
We offer goods/furniture in the area of hygiene, bedroom, living room, garden, seasonal goods, sports, leisure and much more. To.
There are also several very well preserved high-heavy duty racks, two lift trucks (1x hand-held trucks 1x electric forklifts), battery charger for forklifts, several packaging tables, packaging material, etc.

Option A: You take over the approximately 490sqm warehouse (leased) including inventory, two lift trucks (1x handheld trucks 1x electric forklifts), battery charger for forklifts, several tables and packaging material.

Option B: You buy the entire inventory including high-heavy duty shelves and two lift trucks by price agreement.

Option C: You only buy part or all of the inventory.

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